Digikeijs DR4050 - RGB LED Controller
  • Digikeijs DR4050 - RGB LED Controller

Digikeijs DR4050 - RGB LED Controller

DR4050 - RGB LED Controller RGB Lighting Controller including accessories The DR4050 RGB controller is a module that can provide your model railway with day- and night-time lighting. The desired day, night, morning and evening colours can be programmed easily via the USB connection and accompanying Windows® software. The module can then be controlled with any DCC unit. The module also has an automatic program which can be activated easily by pressing and holding (5 seconds) the switch. The starter set is delivered with a power supply, USB cable and a 5-metre flexible RGB and warm-white LED strips which are equipped with double-sided sticky edges on the back of the LED strip. The set can be extended to a max. 10-metre light strip Control for RGB + Warm White LED strips 2 x 6 Amp Power RGB inputs and outputs I 1 x 6 Amp separate switching output via Power 2-4 Scenes: Morning, Day, Evening, Night Scenes switch DCC switch commands Day-night cycle Machines 256 different intensities by R / G / B / W -> practical to endless many possible light colors Mini-USB connection for configuration PC Day-night automatic light colors and fully configurable via PC Configuration program The controller can also be set via POM CV programming (no PC required) 'SWITCH' output example to be used to control the lighting. Separately adjust shift points Including: DR4050 RGB Controller Flexible RGB LED strip (5 meters) Flexible Warm White LED strip (5 meters) Power supply USB Cable Possible expansion to a total of 10 meters lighting strips with the corresponding kit

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