ESU Class 08 Sound (Legomanbiffo) With DriveLock

ESU Class 08 (Legomanbiffo) - All New Features Added

F0 - Lights On/Off

F1 - Sound On/Off

F2 - Playable Harsh or Air Whistle

F3-  BIS & Drivers Hand Operated Priming Pump

F4-  Buffer Clash while moving or Coupling Hook while stationery

F5-  Playable brake application (when moving) / Brake dump (when stationary

F6-  Drivers door open/close. (Options for Steel or Wooden doors) 

F7-  Compressor

F8- Drive Hold (DriveLock)  

F9-  Automatic Flange/Wheel Squeel

F10 - Right away Whistle                

F11 Not Used

F12 Not Used  

F13 Sanders 

F14 Not Used

F15 Spirax Valve Popping.   

F16 Disposal Air Dump.

F17 Windscreen Wipers.

F18 Detonators.

F19 Aux 1 (Cab Lights if fitted)

F20 Aux 2

Data sheet

Locomotive Type
Diesel Locomotive
£121.00 (VAT incl.)


Product Code:LB-S-08DL

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