Piko 55040 SmartControl Digital Starter Set
  • Piko 55040 SmartControl Digital Starter Set

Piko 55040 Smart Control Digital Starter Set

Piko 55040 Smart Control

Piko Smart Control is the new wireless digital system which incorporates style, sophistication and ease of use. This unit is the perfect choice for all railway modellers as it can be used on all gauges from Z to G. The controller also uses a large control knob to increase and decrease speed of your selected locomotive. As this unit is wireless it can be used anywhere around your layout or if you have a garden layout, you will not be tethered to one position on the layout. The Smart Control links easily with the Smart Box which boosts the power to 5a making this control system one of the most powerful and easy to use wireless digital systems on the market. Smart Control Details: Up to 16,384 locomotives in DCC format with up to 28 functions. Name of the locomotive and locomotive symbol can be assigned individually. Up to 1,024 turnout in DCC format. Name and icon can be selected. Easy control with touch screen thanks to Android 4 operating system. Large knob for precise speed setting and direction reversal Integrated wireless interface for communication with the PIKO SmartBox PIKO SmartBox Details Booster with 5A output and RailComPlus®. Suitable for all gauges Separate DCC programming track Wireless interface (access point function) for communication with the PIKO Smart Control LAN interface for communication with PC External interface for booster or track occupancy detectors "Stand-alone" operation or integration possible in the home network Automatic synchronization of all data between PIKO Smart controllers Updatable Contents 1 x Smart Controller 1 x Smart Box 1 x Lanyard for Smart Controller 1 x USB to Mini USB Cable 1 x Power Adaptor to watch the Piko Smart Control System in action please watch this youtube video Click Here


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