DCC Concepts Mega Screw Set 10x 60 Vials (w/20 Drill Bit Set)

DCC Concepts Mega Screw Set  10x 60 Vials  (w/20 Drill Bit Set)

Mega set of 10 vials each containing 60+ panhead or countersunk screws, 120x 2x8mm, 120x 2x5mm, 60x 1.5x8mm(ph), 60x 1.5x6mm(ph), 60x 1.5x4mm(ph), 120x 1.0x5mm and 60x 1.0x3mm(cs). Set also comes with a 20 piece drillset with HSS titanium covered drills covering 0.6 to 1.6mm.

£29.95 (VAT incl.)

Brand:DCC Concepts

Product Code:DCS-Mset


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