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  • Uhlenbrock 32300 IntelliSound module empty

Uhlenbrock 32300/4 IntelliSound module empty

Is IntelliSound as a sound decoder, so Digital Decoder with integrated sound module and as a sound module for connection to the SUSI interface of a digital decoder available. The separation of decoder and sound in two very small units and the extremely 
powerful mini speaker make IntelliSound good can also be used in confined spaces.

The noise of the sound module are mixed together from three or four independent channels. The module can store up to 320 seconds digitized original. About an intelligent sound control from the individually 
stored original sounds depending on the different situations a resonant driving experience, as in the real path.

IntelliSound can distinguish independently the situations standstill, acceleration, normal driving, idling, braking, uphill and downhill. Depending on the situation the correct sounds are played automatically. For example, resound with 
a steam train in the state of the hiss of the boiler, the air pump, the injector and the coal shovels. When starting tremendous bursts of steam are audible at idle, the noise of the load-free running rods. If the locomotive is braked, it is 
of course also reproduced the squeal of brakes. When switching on and off of the background noise of the locomotive then z. B. with a diesel locomotive will start the engine or the expiry of the engine audibly.

Each module further noise for dynamic driving noise can be switched on. It may be, depending on the type of vehicle to a whistle, a bell, a horn or to the motor fan with an electric locomotive.


  • 320 seconds sound memory
  • My sounds can be added
  • Sound-related special function outputs
  • 4 channels playable simultaneously
  • Mapping function to F28
  • For radsynchrone exhaust blows a Hall sensor can be connected
  • With SUSI interface
  • Pads for storage capacitor

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Uhlenbrock 32300 IntelliSound module empty

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