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  • DAISY II-DCC Digital Set

DAISY II-DCC-Digital-Set

The DAISY II Digital Set is a digital entry level system for the ambitious model railroader. It consists of a DAISY II hand controller and a DCC Centre, which are interconnected via a LocoNet cable. It all features that are desirable for a comfortable model railway operation. The command station is the heart of the DAISY II digital sets. At the headquarters, all commands are coordinated and processed according to their meaning on. It generates the DCC track signal and provides the LocoNet connection to the hand controller available.

DAISY II DCC Digital Set


  • 20 locomotives can be controlled simultaneously
  • 9999 locomotive addresses
  • Data format DCC with 14-, 28-, and 128 speed steps
  • For each locomotive address individually selectable
  • Up to 24 locomotive special functions per locomotive switchable
  • Up to 2000 magnetic articles in DCC format switchable
  • Driveway Memory for 16 routes
  • These routes can turn any solenoid addresses from 1 to 2048KB each with a maximum of 10 steps
  • Max. Output current: 2 A
  • Programming track output for DCC decoders
  • LNCV programming for LocoNet components
  • Output for a reversing loop relays 61080 for the automatic control of a terminal loop
  • LocoNet-T port for all standard LocoNet devices
  • LocoNet-B connector for external LN boosters such as Power 4 or 8 Power
  • With RailCom ® CutOut in DCC signal eg for the automation system MARCo
  • Dispatch Mode for FRED hand controller
  • Updateable via USB LocoNet interface 63120


to the DAISY Center You can connect up to 20 handhelds. All you need is the 5-fold LocoNet distributor 62 250. All other LocoNet devices can be connected directly. These include:

  • The Computer Interface 63120
  • The 8-fold feedback module 63320
  • The track control panel Track Control
  • The Blockstellen- and shadow station control 68720
  • The Booster Power 4 63240

Of course, you can later load an Intellibox. Art 64300 DAISY II digital set consisting of: DAISY II Office, DAISY II-hand controller, power supply, 3 m spiral cable, user manual

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DAISY II-DCC Digital Set

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