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  • LUX-Modellbau 9305 H0 Radreinigungsanlage for AC/DC and analog and digital

Lux- Modellbau  9305 H0 Wheel clearner for AC/DC and analog and digital.

Here offered as a desktop unit, but also as a built-in device available (please inquire)
- Cleans driven and non-driven wheels of rail model railway vehicles
- Eliminates oil and debris on the wheels

... And thus can be reached:

- Clean wheel treads of locomotives and cars
- Soya lecithin Haftreifen
- Reliability of the model railway vehicles

The driving voltage supplied with (analog and digital) and thus navigable H0-Radreinigungsanlage for all model railway systems cleans driven and non-driven wheels of rail model railway vehicles from oil, dirt. The device is suitable for locomotives and cars and can be integrated into model railroad cars from complete trains loaded / run over.

The driven with a 12 volt DC motor (Faulhaber¹) Radreinigungstechnik leaves two occupied with polishing material brass rods oscillate under the locomotive and wagon wheel. Thus, a cleaning effect on the wheel tread of locomotive and carriage sets. The rolling on the 250 mm long Softstrips wheel tread is thus completely cleaned even with larger wheel diameters.

The oscillating movement of the cleaning strip the first standing locomotive falls by its own weight in the felt mat. When feeding a low driving voltage, then turn the wheels with stationary locomotive. Non-driven wheels (z. B. Wagon wheels) are cleaned by the rolling of the running tread (locomotion) on the oscillating polishing material. For this purpose, the carriage is manually or moved by the pulling or pushing locomotive. A manual time-consuming cleaning of the running tread deleted. Your locomotives and wagons get clean running tread, which provides for optimal power consumption between rail and wheel.

The at 12 volts (DC) and high frequency eccentrically driven Radreinigungstechnik (polishing rods) can be optionally (depending on the degree of wheel surfaces) occupied with self felt or emery cloth. For particularly stubborn dirt, the felt strips (Item No. 9307) can be wetted with a degreasing substance. Emery (Item No. 9308) should not be used in conjunction with adhesive strips. To change the Radreinigungsstreifen the brass frame can (Item No. 9302) from the plant be taken out and stripped the cleaning strip and reassigned.

The motor of the Radreinigungsanlage is operated with a regulated DC voltage of 0-12 volts (DC). A corresponding supply voltage supply adapter board for H0-wheel cleaners Art. 9304 commercial model railway transformer (refer to the technical specifications of the transformer). By that we offer adapter board CODE Nr- 9304 a DC voltage is generated from an AC voltage. For digital driving the Radreinigungsanlage is a system compatible decoder (can also be retrofitted) delivered. Specific control decoder (fees may apply), we build a desired. When ordering please angeben.Beim table and built-in device, the cleaning surfaces identical. While the built-in device is integrated into the system, we deliver ready to use the desktop device.

Technical specifications:
The Radreinigungsanlage was constructed European Model Railroads considering the standards. The power supply of the drive motor of Radreinigungsanlage may not be made with half-wave and pulse width control.
  • Power supply: 0-12 V DC
  • Multi-protocol decoder: (Motorola DCC Selectrix format)
  • Current consumption: 150 mA
  • Max. Motor voltage to the cleaning drive: 12 Volt DC
  • Cleaning Length: (desktop and chassis unit) 250 mm
  • Weight mounting unit: about 355 grams
  • Weight table unit: 1200 grams
  • Assembly dimensions Assembly machine LxWxH: 300 x 40 x 50 mm
  • Dimension desktop unit LxWxH: 900 x 70 mm x 62 mm

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LUX-Modellbau 9305 H0 Radreinigungsanlage for AC/DC and analog and digital

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