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Lux-Modelbau 8883 Wheel picks

Retrofitable wheel contact sets (kit)
Item No. 8883, 8884, and 8885.


Safe power consumption for standard HO cars without serial multipoint contact.

The contact pads optimize the current supply of the carriages (possibly also locomotives) and ensure a largely flicker-free interior and train connection lighting. The contact set made of wire that is biased via an adjustable spring action is applied to the rear of the wheel (track rim) and ensures optimum contact.

Through the involvement of all available wagon wheels for the rail contact, a uniformly distributed current consumption and the thus decreasing dirt contamination of the wheel tread surface is ensured. The mounting of the contact sets is uncomplicated, it is essentially based on a screw and plug-in system.

Info - Tip
The safe contacting of wheel grinders is not infrequently affected by browning layers on the wheels.The electrical conductivity of such browning layers is very different between the individual vehicle suppliers. In principle, a low transition resistance is achieved only on bare metal wheel sets.

The arcing of movable contacts leads to premature wear of the current-carrying surfaces. The Lux contact cream KC-05 ​​(item no. 8886) provides an improved current transfer at the contact surfaces by simultaneous contact maintenance.
For the elimination of interfering browning layers, we recommend a Glasharar eraser (Part No. 9052).



Page 1
Mounting tips for our HO-Radkontakte
➢ The interior life or the interior design of model swivel frames is with the individual
Providers. Therefore, first check the positioning of the
Contact springs on or under the bogie floor. The contact springs should be connected as much as possible
Low pressure contact the inside of the wheel.
➢ Use a fine felt tip pen to mark the drill point (mandrel diameter = drill diameter)
For the clamping pin which is to hold the spring in the bogie floor.
➢ Drill straight into the holes using a drill that is clean in the spiral path
Marked bogie floor. Avoid any heat build - up in the material
➢ Now solder a suitable power cable from the bogie into the car interior
Long piece of flexible cable (wire) to the supplied solder rivet.
➢ With a small combination tool, hold the head of the clamping pin and push it on
Shank the soldered rivet (with cable) and then the contact spring.
➢ Now push the clamping pin into the bore on the bogie. Pay attention to the location
The contact spring, which should abut the inner side of the wheel with its rounded ends.
➢ Align the contact rivet in its end position so that no disturbances occur.
➢ If necessary, drill a cable guide into the vehicle floor. Before installing the
Bogies on the vehicle floor on a cable-free cable guide.
Contact on the wheel disc
The safe contacting of wheel grinders is not infrequent of browning layers on the
Wheels. The electrical conductivity of such browning layers is between the
Different vehicle suppliers. Basically, a smaller one
Transition resistor only achieved on bare metal wheel sets. The arc formation of
Moving contacts leads to premature wear of the current-carrying surfaces. With the
Lux contact

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Lux-Modelbau 8883 10 sets Wheel pick

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