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  • Gaugemaster DCC03 Prodigy Advance2 Wireless Starter Package

Gaugemaster DCC03 Prodigy Advance2 Wireless Starter Package


FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - Every Prodigy Starter Set will include a free DCC28 OMNI 6-Pin Decoder with 8-Pin Harness (RRP 20.95), which is suitable for many N, HO, and OO Scale locomotives.

PRODIGY ADVANCE2 consists of three elements.  The POWER PACK transforms the power from your mains socket ready for the Base Unit.  The BASE UNIT is the brains behind the operation.  It contains all the technology you need to send DCC commands to your trains and accessories.  However, short of turning the power on and off, you'll find your closest companion is the Walkaround controller which plugs straight into the Base Unit.  

The WALKAROUND is a wireless hand-held controller that you use to send your commands to the Base Unit, which then sends them on to the relevant decoder on your layout. The main benefit of a wireless controller is that you are not tethered to one spot on the layout and you can move freely around the layout and still have full control of you locomotives and point work. Aprox range for this controller is 50ft.  You control the speed and direction of your trains from here.  One of the key features of DCC operation is that each of your locomotives has a numeric address which you select as and when you want to run that locomotive.  

DCC allows you to run it anywhere on your railway at the same time as other trains are moving as well.  You can operate points (individually or route set) and signals from the Walkaround.  You can use it to programme your decoders to replicate the running characteristics of your locomotives, or even introduce a speed clock that allows you to run a 24 hour timetable within one operating session.  

The possibilities are almost endless with DCC and with locomotives becoming available with factory-fitted decoders as standard, we are entering an exciting new era.  Of course, you can also retro-fit your older locomotives with decoders if you wish.

Stuck where to put your DCC Controller? you can now attach it to your layout using theDCC66 Prodigy Controller Caddy. This unit has been designed to screw directly to your baseboard and will fit most DCC Controllers and even mobile phones.

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Gaugemaster DCC03 Prodigy Advance2 Wireless Starter Package

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