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  • cT Electronic ZF5- HR3 Starter digital

ZF5- HR3

Central ZF5 with 5 amps output current - Hand Controller HR3 with large graphic display

ZF5 HR3The Central ZF5 and hand controller HR3 can control digital model railway layouts at the same time, on the same track in Motorola, DCC and (Selectrix format later), making it a true multi-protocol Digital system. The Central ZF5 in conjunction with the handheld controller HR3 is extremely powerful and compact. The combination combines many functions that can be realized only with great effort elsewhere

The system

The system has all the functions on board that had to be laboriously installed earlier. The service is set up so that the intuitive operation after a long break without studying the manual possible.

With speed controller

About a large dial, which is built with great effort, the main locomotive and 2 keys (F11 and F12), a second locomotive can be controlled independently.

With built-in booster

ZF5 The integrated booster is powerful and short-circuit proof. He has an output current of 5 A, which can be limiting (in the menu item "Maximum current for main track") in 100mA steps via software. The operating voltage is stabilized and can be infinitely adjusted between 10V and 21V with a potentiometer on the front panel of the Central ZF5. This combination thus allows an application without restriction from Z scale to large webs

With Booster connection for large systems (large webs)

If the built-in 5 amp booster is not sufficient so can more external boosters are connected. Depending on requirements, up to 10 boosters are connected.

Multi-protocol capable

With headquarters ZF5 and hand controller HR3 locomotive, function and switch decoders various manufacturers can be operated on a mixed system.The following data formats can be output simultaneously.
DCC (Digital Command Control) NMRA - standard
Motorola data format I and II (later software update for Selectrix)

With Programming on the programming track and main track (on the fly)

Simple menu-driven programming of DCC compatible decoders and Motorola decoders.
The programming track is short-circuit proof, it delivers up to 1A current and can be driven on immediately after each programming operation.
Programming "on the fly" (Programming on the main track) is of CV2 up CVx possible. There are reprogrammed Only CV's of the active address (Lok in the foreground). The programming CV1 (address) is not permitted since it would otherwise reprogram modules as turnout decoder and all locomotives which are at the same time on the plant, to the same address.

Different data formats

The system locomotive, function and switch decoders various manufacturers can be operated on a mixed system.

With updatable system software

About the built-in internal interface (RS232) of the central system software of the Central ZF5 or the speed controller HR3 can be updated anytime.

With Soft road control

To manage 1024 points. With one touch any number of points may have been combined by the user together, are connected.

With Interface

Serial interface to the computer for controlling model railway layouts.

Addresses and speed steps

The system supports all addresses and speed steps of the various decoder makes.

  • DCC: 10239 decoder addresses 14, 28 and 128 speed steps
  • Marklin-Motorola: 80 addresses, 14 speed steps

With safety for the future

Preparation for the "bidirectional communication" according to NMRA draft RP 9.3.1, 9.3.2
The "bidirectional communication" is by installation (16pol. Slot) a detector board at headquarters and update to a new software version retrofitted. The throttle only requires new software update.

With interface for wireless expansion

Radio controlled handheld controller can be used by installing a radio-board RM5 on the front of the headquarters.

With logic inputs

8 logic inputs are free for various end applications, such as shuttle train, automatic processes, etc ...

Graphical backlit LCD display

The large LCD display with backlight has a clearly structured user interface, icons and different fonts. The clear, graphic-capable display provides a quick overview.
During driving locomotive addresses, locomotive name, Decoder format, speed steps are both graphically and numerically, and the direction of travel of the currently selected locomotive appears. Electricity consumption for rail or programming track is displayed separately with a resolution of 10mA. The selected track voltage can be seen with a precision of 100mV also on display. In the middle are information about the features, such as the currently selected keyboard mode, the display of the turnout position
in programming mode, the display shows the text for menu-led decoder programming. The system supports the direct, Paged- and register mode. The input can be selected between Bitwise or byte-wise, this enables a convenient working. The Modelluhr is adjustable depending on the model scale.

Data entry

Data such as numbers, letters, special characters can be entered easily via the 10-digit number field or alphabet on the screen. Numeric keypad and special keys for comfortable work at the address input, for switching turnouts or signals, for programming decoders and for navigating in the menu.(Cursor, OK and Esc) 

Multilingual user interface

The service is amazingly easy through the intuitive menu-guided user interface. For the displays on the front panel languages ​​can be selected.  

Intelligent controller (dynamically controlled)

The control wheel without end stop automatically accepts the change of locomotive at the speed stored by the newly elected Lok. The speed of rotation of the knob determines the property of the control dial. Feinfülliges driving can slow rotation, spinning the rotary control high number of speed steps rapidly be achieved. A laborious turning in recruitment of 126 speed steps can thus be avoided.

Up to 100 Rückholspeicherplatz (can be limited)

Locomotive addresses, turnout addresses and locomotive name can be up to 100 times managed in Rückholspeichermenü. Locomotive names can thus be easily noticed and sorted to locomotive types. Comfortable setting free velocity characteristics (CV67-CV94) The speed characteristic graphed can be adjusted using the knob and read out with a command or programmed without a computer. Using this function, the user can actually use the free speed characteristic first without a PC. 

Own key for collecting Stop

Pressing on the knob always triggers a collective stop, no matter which menu item the user is located. A feature that you never want to miss again.

Analog Mode for Lokdecoderauswahl

The power consumption of new locomotives (without decoders) can be measured with the help of the analog mode. The decoder selection is made easier with this feature. 

Free assignment of shunting

The shunting key can be assigned to any of F1 to F12, this facilitates the uniform documents of functions.

Advanced Special Functions

There are 28 special functions (for DCC decoders) for switching light, sound, etc. are available. F1 to F12 directly via 12 F-keys are accessible, high functionality, the 2nd or 3rd function group are used.

Double traction and multiple traction

100 combinations of up to 6 locomotives per traction can be managed from the head office. About locomotive names can be multiple traction easily combine and change.

Permanent storage

All settings that have been made once, are retained permanently, even if the device is not switched on for months.

Global Managing Data

All data is saved in the center, it allows the automatic Apply of locomotive name, general settings in newly connected handheld controllers.
Takeover and handover between hand controllers or control of locomotives and turnouts is thus conceivable easy.

Compatible with many other devices

ZF5 Are different devices directly, support XPressNet able to headquarters, connected eg Lokmaus2 ...
are located on the front of 2 sockets (XpressNet) for handhelds HR3 or Lokmaus2, LEDs for status indication, potentiometer for variable voltage setting Interface for radio module RM5
At the back there are the sockets for transformer, track, programming track, DCC booster connector, inputs for shuttle train and automatic processes, RS232 serial interface

Feedback bus

Adapter board for LocoNet, CAN bus, CT Bus


Technical specifications

All outputs are powered by an internal bridge rectifier, which allows a maximum total current of 5A. The outputs may therefore not exceed the permissible total current of rectifying the total current.  

Driving voltage continuously adjustable 10-21V
Max. Continuous current rail, short-circuit proof, 1-5A to 100mA steps can be limited 5A
Max. Peak current 5 sec 6A
Max. Total current programming track, short-circuit proof, passable 1A
Transformer input voltage AC Max. 18V ~
Transformer input voltage DC Max. 24V 
Operating -10 To 90 ° C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 170x110x54 mm
XPressNet connection  Max. 31 Hand controller
Serial interface RS232
Current consumption HR3 50mA
Current consumption ZF5 50mA

Dimensions 170x110x54mm (L / B / H)

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cT Electronic ZF5- HR3 Starter digital

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