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  • cT Electronic DCX76N 6 pin  with 4 reinforced functions

DCX76N 6pin with 4 reinforced functions

0.8A Micro Lokdecoder, 4 enhanced functions (10.8 x 7.1 x 1.3 mm) LxWxH

The locomotive decoder DCX76 suitable for all DC and AC motors in Z-track to H0 locomotives. The maximum total load must not exceed 0.8A.

The tiny acts much smaller than you can imagine on the dimensions in the hands.

The high-frequency 16kHz or 32kHz DCX76 provides motor control for Faulhaber motors. Alternatively, there are also infinitely adjustable 30-150 Hz for traditional motors.

The DCX76 offers available with 14, 28 or 128 speed steps, load balancing scheme, full address space 1-10240 and the option on the main track programming 'on-the-fly'.

  • Full NMRA-compatible (DCC data format)
  • DCC data format
  • Full "function mapping" according to NMRA-arrangement
  • Function outputs separately dimmable
  • Dimming frequency 1.2 kHz
  • Aut. Decoupling, timing for digital clutch,
  • American lighting effects such as flashing, Fade Out, Flashing alternately, Single Pulse Strobe, Double strobe, Flashing Head Light, Ditch Light left, Ditch Light right Rotary beacon, Gyralite, Mars Light, soft start (slow glimmer of functions)
  • Full address space 1-10240
  • Shunting, showcases mode, a button-shunting backwards diminished Speed ​​......
  • Evaluation of the chain pulses via F1 or F4
  • Free speed characteristic CV67-CV94
  • Optimizable load balancing (P and I controller)
  • High frequency motor control 16kHz or 32kHz
  • Low-frequency motor drive of 30 to 150 Hz can be selected
  • Optionally, 14, 28 or 128 speed steps
  • 0.8 Amp motor current
  • digital or analog operation
  • 'on the fly' Programming
  • Hard Reset for resetting the CV values ​​to factory setting
  • User CV's for storing personal data
  • Separately adjustable braking time with HLU (also intermediates)
  • Signal controlled speed influence (HLU Zimo, switchable)
  • Number recognition (Zimo, switchable)
  • Brakes with asymmetrical signal (diodes ratio 1: 4)
  • Fully programmable with Lokmaus (also values ​​and CVs to 255)
  • Reliable overload protection (motor and auxiliary outputs are protected against overcurrent)
  • 2 CVs groups can be chosen (for its own or third-party applications)

The DCX76 is fully NMRA compatible, and thus in all systems that use the NMRA DCC data format used (eg Digitrax, Lenz, LGB, Uhlenbrock, Zimo, Roco 'digital is cool', etc.)  


DCX76 As a common positive (in other decoders blue) is a rail side recommended  version with 6 connecting wires
DCX76 /S  The right side of the rail (red) factory used with 8-pin NEM 652 interface is as common plus pole
DCX76 /N  with 6 pole NEM 651 interface to the decoder
DCX76 / F with 6 pole NEM 651 interface to 8cm Cable


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cT Electronic DCX76N 6 pin with 4 reinforced functions

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